Our Post-Mix Assortment

The highest level of quality of our post-mix products is guaranteed by strictly adhering to high hygienic requirements and using modern production methods and plants.

POST-MIX: tingly fresh


The very best for your Professional Gastronomy – Post-Mix Syrup directly from Manufacturer

Our post-mix syrup is highly economical. The mixing ratio is 1 +5.5.  A 10 litre bag-in-box (BIB) package yields 65 litres of beverage, so 20 litres of syrup yield 130 litres.

Flavours/Product Filling/Packing Mixing ratio Fertility
Apple 10l Bag-in-Box 1+5,5 ~ 65l
Cola (Standard, Premium"A", "B") 20l Bag-in-Box  1+5,5 ~ 130l
Cola (Light) 10l Bag-in-Box 1+5,5 ~ 65l
Iced tea (Peach) 10l Bag-in-Box 1+5,5 ~ 65l
Energy Drink 20l Bag-in-Box 1+5,5 ~ 130l
Orange 10l Bag-in-Box 1+5,5 ~ 65l
Lemon 10l Bag-in-Box 1+5,5 ~ 65l
Breakfast Drink Orange 10l Bag-in-Box 1+5 ~ 60l